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Back-end Integration

Simple hassle free integration The way things should be.

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EDI or API Translation

At Semita, we’re all about translating complicated EDI or API documents from one standard to another or, in other words, effortlessly mapping data to fit different structures and layouts. It’s like giving your data a makeover but way cooler! Do you want to know what’s even cooler than that? The result: enhanced efficiency, pinpoint accuracy, top-notch security and smoother communication.

Imagine your EDI or API data not just as numbers and codes but as a powerful tool that supercharges your operations and slashes those costs. That’s exactly what we do. We transform your data struggles into success stories.

EDI or API Consulting

Just imagine: your business running like a well-oiled machine, with streamlined processes, reduced costs and maximum efficiency. That’s what we bring to the table. We’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about enhancing potentials.

We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your current EDI or API capabilities, identifying every nook and cranny where efficiency can be maximized. We don’t just stop there. We design and implement tailored EDI of API solutions that fit your unique needs like a glove.

Managed File Transfer ( MFT)


Designed with a touch of magic by the Semita team, it offers a suite of incredible features including: advanced security measures to safeguard your data like a fortress, unmatched reliability that you can count on, automation that simplifies your workload, and control that puts you in the driver’s seat. On top of that, it’s scalable: ensuring it grows with your business needs, and stays fully compliant with all the nitty-gritty regulations.

And that’s not all … We also offer a buffet of connectivity options, tailored just for your organization and industry:


Because security is non-negotiable.


For tried-and-true file transfers.

API and Webhooks

Bringing modern, seamless connectivity to your fingertips.

Custom Connections

Crafted based on your unique needs, because one size definitely doesn’t fit all.


In the automotive industry, where precision is paramount, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) play a pivotal role. The correct format of ASNs isn’t just a preference; it’s a mandate. For businesses involved, sending deliveries without corresponding ASNs or with incorrectly formatted labels can have severe consequences.

Selecting the appropriate EDI provider isn’t merely a choice; it’s a strategic necessity. EDI providers that lack efficiency or responsiveness can lead to increased costs for automotive businesses

Supply Chain

Unlocking the power of digital transformation in manufacturing supply chains, EDI and API integration stands as a pivotal catalyst. Traditionally, crafting EDI and API connections has been a time-consuming, costly, and frustrating endeavor. But not anymore.

At Semita, we believe in transforming challenges into opportunities. Building EDI and API connections shouldn’t be a headache; it should be a seamless journey. When you streamline the process of meeting your trading partners’ requirements, you not only enhance your EDI and API experience but also do more with less effort.